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Yoga (or Sometimes Laughable Impossibility)

I've mentioned now and again that I'm a yoga fan. I've been to some classes at the local Y, and Blackstone and I were doing a rather intense heated yoga class a few years back, right up until I broke my ankle. Since then I haven't done much in the way of group exercise period. For the last couple of years, most of my exercise has been done at home. When it's nice, sometimes I walk at lunch. Sometimes I'll even do the gym at lunch, but I don't want to take the time to shower and do the hair and make-up again, so I try to keep the intensity down when I do that. It's not my favorite way to work out, just too inconvenient.

These days, I usually work out before or after work, sometimes on the weekend mornings. We have a cross trainer in the bedroom, so sometimes I just do that while I'm watching TV. I also have hand weights and yoga mat. I'll record various exercise programs and do those, you know, change it up a bit. You can find just about any kind of exercise show on TV - aerobics, kick-boxing, yoga, belly dancing, hip-hop routines, step, pilates. I've been recording some of Namaste Yoga programs. They're a half hour and most of them are pretty do-able. Now, there are all different types and levels of yoga. I suppose I'm rather intermediate. I know a good deal of the common poses, my strength and flexibility is moderate. I cannot do hand stands or splits. Luckily, Namaste Yoga doesn't do too much of this. Though this morning they wanted me to stand in a modified tree position with one foot tucked up at my hip, then crouch forward touching the floor (already I'm stuck not being able to reach the floor, because the tightness in my hips is a major reason I do yoga in the first place, a rather common problem for women as they age, especially after having children). Then I'm supposed to lean forward, put my knees on my elbows and balance on my hands. I can't imagine how much yoga I'd have to do to get myself to this level. Probably way more than I ever intend on doing.

I want to stay flexible and strong, try to avoid loss of bone density, ward off weight gain. I'm not sure I need to be able to balance on my hands at this point in my life. At the moment, I couldn't do it if my life depended on it. And I'd probably do my body a great deal more harm than good.




Hmmm, I think I got into that pose once. Granted, I believe it was after falling down a flight of stairs and resulted in a ruptured L5/S1 and associated discectomy, but I still did it--does that count? ;)

Oh hey, on another topic entirely, my eldest got a bunch of Horrible Harry books at a yard sale recently and as it turns out, we bought some duplicates. Would your boys like them?


I hate Yoga. Period. But thats because I'm not coordinated enough to do it. Trust me, I've tried.


J - That sounds horrible, but sure it counts!

Hey, if you want to send me some books, I won't refuse. Email me and I'll give you my address: diosa.vispera@gmail.com

Liz - I feel for you, but can't really relate. Coordination has never really been a problem. Now, hand-eye coordination, that's a whole 'nother story.


I also love Yoga but don't do it enough. I am a big fan of Namaste Yoga and I DVR them. Unfortunately-sometimes I start out on the floor doing the exercises then move to watch in bed....yummmm so relaxing


Curls - I have to say, I have never sat and watched an exercise program. I can almost understand that, but not quite. I think I'd just feel guilty and stressed about not actually doing it.

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