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November 2008


Yeah, I've been slacking over here, when it comes to the blog anyway. In real life I've been working hard and playing hard. Went to NY to see the Rockettes. Totally amazing. Saw the Twilight movie on my birthday. Totally fun, but not as good as the book. Tends to be the way that goes. I've been out dinner more times than my wallet can really handle it, especially on top of the Chritmas shopping. I've placed the order for the Christmas Cards. I'm working on organizing the pictures to get the new calendar together. And spending more time than I should on Facebook. And I'm cooking dinner for 12 tomorrow. And I'd better not be getting another god damn sinus infection. The ENT tellls me I need surgery. I have a deviated septum, a polyp blocking each of my sinus passages and a cyst. So basically, my sinuses are F$@#!-ed. I'm going to see a homeopath at the end of December to seek an alternative, but surgery may be on the horizon for the New Year. I seriously hope it can be avoided, but we'll see. I can't have six of these damn things a year.

Happy Thanksgiving! Here's hoping you hear the Thanksiving song at least once and your turkey's not dry.



Happy Halloween!

Bookgirl, this is very timely for me, because I knew you were waiting.

The boys have been in their costumes almost every day for a week. There was the Boy Scout Halloween party where Trouble won a bucket full of candy. Yes, joy, a bucket full of candy. Way more exciting for him than it is for me. Then there was the school Halloween dance, then Trouble's Karate class party, then Trick-or-Treating, and finally, LT's Karate party this morning. I'm a bit Halloween-ed out. I can't wait until they're old enough to enjoy the spook trails and haunted houses.

Blackstone decided to be a construction worker at one party.


Cone Head and Mork from Ork


Heat Blast from Ben Ten


Marshmallow Shooting


Karate Class


Pouting Stitch