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Mom, You Kind of Suck, but I Love You Anyway

Vicodin is a beautiful thing, people. I believe I've been suffering from a pinched nerve in my neck which is radiating pain down my right shoulder to my wrist. It's been doing that for a week, despite the Motrin, heating pad, ice pack and Biofreeze I've been using. It's only been getting worse. I have an appointment with a chiropractor on Tuesday. Until then, I now have prescription Motrin and vicodin, which means the brain skills are a bit stilted. Especially after the vodka. So I'm just going to give you the low down on the Mother's Day card I received from Trouble. It read:


You are lots of fun and play baseball with us.(This is how I believe I pinched a nerve in my neck.) You watch movies with us too, but boring ones. You are fun anyway.

Love, Trouble

If I just let them watch things like Alien vs Predator every movie night, I'd get much higher praise.

I'm thinking at his High School Graduation, his card should read:

Dear Trouble,

You are a very bright and talented young man. You've been a really great kid when you weren't stealing, being brought home by the police, and complaining about everything twenty-four hours a day.

Love, Mom




Gotta love those backhanded compliments! I hope your neck feels better soon, that sucks.


I can't write anything... Im laughing so hard.....

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