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Summer? What Summer?

Fourth of July weekend was fabulous. Mostly because we had two gorgeous, sunny days with absolutely NO RAIN. Because, from what I understand, it was only the sixth coldest June we've ever had in NE since they started keeping records, which you couldn't really prove by me, so maybe those other five happened before I was born. However, it was the June with the least amount of sunshine EVER! Did you notice? You might have noticed.

I noticed. I noticed because I'm in the midst of having my roof redone. (Yeah, shut up! I can hear you laughing.) It's my husband's ex-uncle that's doing it. (Is that what you call it when your aunt gets divorced? I'm really not sure of the protocol there.) And he had the bright idea to take off part of the roof over my bedroom right before one of the thunderstorms that dumped inches of rain in the space of an hour last week. Flooded one corner of my bedroom. Fried the cable box, but the TV still works. Soaked the rug. The ceiling needs to be repainted. We're calling in a specialized cleaning company to make sure there's no mold problems developing.

As we speak, it's raining again. It's been thundering again. They worked on the roof this morning and now there's a huge blue tarp covering the front of my house. You may be thinking, why plan on working on a roof when there's rain in the forecast? The question of the summer here is : When the fu*k will it stop raining? The depression rate most be soaring. What's happened here, as I imagine what happens in England and Ireland, where you expect this kind of incessant, gray, wet, disastrous weather, is you just start to function around it. You play baseball in the rain. You wait out the shower at the beach. You work on the roof during the patches of sun (or at least no rain) and cover it with a tarp when it starts again. You keep living your life and get a new prescription of Xanax or pick up some Melatonin from GNC, because what other choice do you have?

And it's not just the rain. The thunderstorms have been vicious. The building I work in was struck by lightening. Twice. We didn't have phone service for two days. Our time clock was fried. The whole town was without power for over an hour. It's been Build-Your-Own-Arc, Armageddon kind of weather. I hear there have been tornadoes in CT. Hail the size of golf balls is threatened twice a week. Luckily, I've yet to see these gems, but I'm on watch for them, as well as the frogs and locusts.

The one good thing about all of this, is that we've always had this problem with our basement flooding. But at the beginning of June, Blackstone had special drainage pipes put on the front and back of the house to stop the flooding. And miracle of all miracles, it actually worked! So while our bedroom may have flooded, the sump pump in the basement hasn't come on once! Not one drop of water. It's fantastic. That husband of mine, he's pretty smart when he's not forgetting everything. So I guess if the roof caves in under all the rain, we can go sleep down there.

Oh, and Bookgirl and Polly are coming in, so if Armageddon is on its way, it better hold of until Sunday. Party starts Friday night at my parents' bar. Feel free to come whoop it up like it's actually summer or something.



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