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One thing I want to be sure to document about this year is our little league season. I've never been much for sports until I had two boys, but I have definitely become one of those crazy team moms. This year, baseball has been quite the family affair for us. For once, and most likely the only time since they are three years apart, both boys are playing on the same team. Blackstone is coaching and I score all the games. It's been a wonderful season and I'm sorry to see it come to a close. Trouble is our best first baseman and has hit several home runs. LT is our number one catcher and a pretty fair pitcher. He'll be a threat as he starts to bring the heat as he gets a little older.

Cole_pitchingBlackstone and the team have worked very hard. We entered the playoffs in third place and are heading to the championship in first. The game we played last night against the first place team was unbelievable. We were losing 6-0 heading into the third inning. It wasn't looking good. LT scored our only run that inning. He walked to first and on the next pitched ball, stole second, third and home. We tied it up in the fifth 9-9, but then let up three runs. We entered the sixth and last inning losing 11-9. We scored three and had to hold them 12-11 at the bottom of the inning. The bases loaded with two outs, they hit a ball deep into left field. The kid on third made it home, but the run didn't count due to the amazing throw from left field to third base for a force out to win the game!

It took me over 12 hours to stop feeling like I was wound tighter than a drum. This included vodka, herbal tea, trying to sleep, exercise and a facial among other things. I woke myself up screaming something in the wee morning hours. My husband is already used to stress causing unfitful sleeping for me, talking and laughing. Screaming is a level of crazy he only has to deal with occasionally, but apparently really close baseball games are capable of inducing it.

Connor_battingI am so proud of all the work the entire team, parents included, has put in over the season. It has not always been easy. Keeping 11, 8 to 12 year-olds under control is no picnic. We have had name calling and scuffles in the dug out. We've had bad games where were pummeled by the opposing team. Through all that, my husband has impressed me to no end.

Blackstone is a baseball coach that hands out patches after every game that the kids iron on their hats and wear proudly. He holds 2 hour practices twice a week and sometimes extra practices for the catchers and pitchers. He moves the kids around and allows them to play other positions. Every kid has been in the infield at least twice. He had me create a Google Group to organize his emails to the team. He texts and emails reminders of practices, games and forgotten equipment. I score the games using an app for him, and he studies the stats to best position his players. He arranges transportation for any kid that needs it. He quotes Abraham Lincoln in his emails. This week he had all the kids write down one nice thing about everyone on the team as a team building exercise before the championship game tomorrow.

None of that guarantees a win tomorrow afternoon. It would be a wonderful way to end the season and I know our team has what it takes, they certainly proved that at the game last night. However, these are just kids and some games they're on and some, well some are painful to watch.

But whatever happens, this season with all of us together on one team, it was absolutely amazing.




P.S. The amazing photos of my boys are courtesy of another player's mom.


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